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Restaurant building requires both a great amount of knowledge in multiple building codes and expert technicians to implement and navigate different systems. Tristate Plumbing offers construction and service teams well equipped to handle the nuances of kitchen construction. We partner with various general contractors and restaurant groups, providing them with our expert knowledge and skill required to open on schedule.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities require reliable complex plumbing and sprinkler systems. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities require sensitive care and consideration throughout construction, from the design phase through construction and even maintenance. Tristate Plumbing has attained comprehensive knowledge and experience in healthcare facility construction to best serve our clients.

Commercial Real Estate

The fast-paced world of Commercial Real Estate requires adhering to strict deadlines, providing outstanding deliverables, and operating in a highly competitive environment. We do too. Tristate Plumbing is happy to partner with and provide all companies with plumbing and sprinkler solutions: construction, service, building maintenance, and emergency. We are here to help you work at your best.

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Tristate Plumbing has served over 8,500 locations in New York City. We have extensive knowledge on many buildings in New York City and are familiar with standard operating procedures in all of them. We are a trusted partner to many building managers and landlords who feel comfortable contacting us 24/7/365.

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