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Tristate Plumbing started as a high-end, commercial alteration plumbing company. From inception, we recognized a better way to meet a gap in the market given our various clients’ needs. Some plumbing and sprinkler companies provide excellent response times, but their talent is not familiar with complex plumbing and sprinkler scenarios, while others have excellent talent, but often are not as responsive or professional. Tristate Plumbing merges talent and professionalism to provide the “right job” and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Many of our clients cannot be shut down

Since our establishment, Tristate Plumbing’s construction and service teams have been delivering expert plumbing and sprinkler services to distinguished clients at some of the most prestigious addresses across the five boroughs. We guarantee we have the skills, expertise, and experience to help you.

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Marc Breslaw

Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Breslaw

Managing Director of Cost Control

Michael Squitieri

Director of Service

Will Breslaw

Chief Operating Office / Chief Financial Officer

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